Bureaucracy – the endgame

I got the visa!!!

Yeah, after all the frustration about the bureaucracy in the end everything went well.

I got my visa and I got it pretty quickly, in two days!!! Now, that shows me when they want to make it work, it really can work in a proper way.

Even though I got a bit frustrated at the beginning of the process, now I can look back and say that I’ve learned couple of things by dealing with the additional pressure that came with the process and I want to share my learning experiences so you can be prepared for something similar in your life.

    1. Keep your personal documents in order!

Easier said then done. I am always afraid of dealing with personal documents, because I just don’t want to lose them and in order to prevent that every time I invent new system on how to keep the documents in order. The problem is, we don’t need those documents very often, so I tend to forget where did I put them and what was the system all about, but actually this time I kept my old system and I was aware of all my documents from the beginning. So, keep your documents in order and trust in your system even if it fails you the first time. Once, you use your system several times, you will feel much more comfortable with it.

    2. Read the questions and instructions carefully!

Every time you deal with bureaucracy you will have to fill questionnaire or to follow some instructions and better be careful every time, because bad decision can come back and bite you. Now a day everything is connected, so if you have wrong information in the system it easily shows up, so by careful on how you answer your questionnaires.

    3. Be patient calm!

I used my blog to vent the frustration and then I continued with the process in calm way and in the end it paid off. It will not help you if you get frustrated over one thing and then you make a mistake doing other thing.

In the end, I wish you a lot of luck in dealing with bureaucracy. You might need it.

//Nomad writer …


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